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Naeon (Ney·on): A portmanteau of the words “New” and “Aeon”.

Naeon is a design & creation studio that crafts high-quality garments inspired by the worlds of art, leisure & enthusiasts.

Formed from the following principles:

  1.  A discernible quality product
  2.  Tasteful and nuanced design
  3.  Recognition of everyone's human experience

Naeon puts an emphasis on clothing as an experience not just for the eyes, but for the body - making the experience of how a product arrives, how it lasts and how it fits  just as important.

We recognise the responsibilities entrusted to us as designers & makers, and so we strive to create the very best products we can.

A journey of growth that aims to raise the standard of what is, to give back to the culture that birthed it.